What is good design?

Ultimately, it boils down not to a battle of function versus form, but to a harmonious melding of the two. It has to be functional without being boring, elegant without being impractical, and above all, it has to be sympathetic to your image and branding guidelines, and relevant to it’s target audience.

To achieve these goals, we take into account a lot of factors. The target market is a good starting point, who is it FOR? What do they want and need? Colour has the ability to signify a wealth of meaning, in a way that we’re conditioned to respond to, not only from stimulus received from birth onwards, but from hard wired instincts resulting from countless millennia of evolution. Then there’s symbolism. Certain symbols and gestures have localised cultural & contextual significance, which must be taken into account.

Then typography. With thousands of fonts to choose from, it’s crucial to choose something that’s the right mix of style & legibility. And with the added dimension of motion graphics and video, it’s important to ensure information is conveyed ergonomically, clearly, and motion graphics are eye catching without being intrusive. This is why we approach each job individually, working closely at every step with you, the client, to ensure the project not only looks good, but represents the brand you’ve worked so hard to create.

UX and UI
Today our engagement with software comes from a multitude of devices. Mobile, Tablet and desktop are regularly used with ever increasing reliance on inter operability between them. As part of our software design we offer help, guidance and where necessary actual deliverables in the UX/UI arena.

Graphic Design
Branding, corporate identity, interface design, web site design, digital signage, and design for print. When we’re done with the time-honoured pencils, paper and markers, we use industry leading software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Fireworks to bring our sketches to life.

We use a wide range of styles, materials and techniques both software and by hand to create stylish and sympathetic illustrations.

Motion Graphics
We use a combination of Adobe Flash, Microsoft Expression Blend and others for web based applications – covering both existing flash technology and the newer Microsoft Silverlight standard.

We use high quality digital SLR cameras and editing techniques to create a wide range of photographic styles and applications.

Video production
Includes filming, editing, effects, and production disciplines. We have a fully featured video editing suite comprising broadcast quality cameras, and industry leading software for editing on hand.