FUTURESoftware has over 3 decades of experience in the satellite, broadcast and digital signage arena thus early consultation with our experts on your project will ensure the quality product and service that you require.

We aim to build a strong partnership with each of our clients and therefore we offer a full system design, implementation and support service to provide you with a consistent high quality solution that suits you. Our experience assures our advice is well founded, researched and offers the right mix of technologies.

Our consultancy team are here to help clients from the inception of a project through various stages and checks to completion. Along the way we will help with business analysis, system design, infrastructure, architecture, integration, data migration, support, supplier contract and ongoing support.

We understand the business analysis that has to be applied to any project; after all we run our own software development business. When we take on a project, we see this as an opportunity to work with a client as a partner where we can discuss requirements, options and bring ideas and technologies to the table that may not have been considered but provide alternatives to the traditional methods.

Once a project has been started, the day to day management is also a key component to get right. No matter what anybody says, projects can and do have moving targets and requirements. These are only natural when time moves on and business requirements might change based on results from the initial stages of the project.

We understand this and have seen this previously and so work with clients to minimise the effects by looking to alternate routes to the new goal.

In this age of information and technology being driven by the “now” requirement, a level approach is still required to ensure that costs, technology, staff and other key metrics to do a project do not get out of hand.

To this end we work with our clients with an open mind and have regular conversations with all stake holders and team members so that we can catch any potential issues early but also any potential benefits.

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