The SDIx range of high end content play out servers are just as at home in a broadcast set server role as in showcase or media wall role.

Built to provide multiple channels of HD video play out from a single chassis the SDIx range utilizes state of the art hardware assisted play out coupled with storage and control options for a high availability solution where quality and uptime are paramount.

The SDIx primary role is in the “soft set” arena of Broadcast TV. Here studio set screens needing synchronized looping content take their feed from the SDIx. The secondary role is in showcase and media wall, where a normal software based digital signage system is not able to provide the quality of synchronization nor higher data rates demanded for these large screen display environments.

SDIxTM Olympus

With dedicated play out hardware the SDIx Olympus offers quality, performance and the ability to have multiple channels played synchronized from a single chassis.

Frame accurate synchronized seamless back to back play out stand the SDIx Olympus out from other solutions where multiple channels of video are used to create large media wall at far higher than HD or other resolutions.

Control of the server is through a GUI or using preset shot videos triggered via GPI.



SDIx Special Projects

While the SDIx excels at HD video play out, the system can be configure for more obscure multi tiled media walls, LEDs and displays.

The SDIx team are also able to integrate the play out control into automation systems for in show triggering or when used in retail for large media wall with obscure screen layouts with experiential triggers.